Service Schedule
'Moadim' - Sacred Appointments


 Weekly Sabbath

 Our Sabbath Worship Services are held at 10:30 AM Saturdays in SeaTac (South Seattle), WA, USA
 Women's Bible Study on Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:30 PM

 Please email David@Amen.ws for location.

 * Please note: Reservations required for major Festivals. 


 Annual Appointments  2017  
 'Rosh Hodesh' is Head of the Month  Begins Evening of Ends Evening of

 Rosh Hodesh Shevat

  Jan 27  
 Tu B'Shevat / Arbor Day   Feb 10  

 Rosh Hodesh Adar / Adar I

  Feb 26  
 Rosh Hodesh Adar II   - - -  

(not a Torah moed)

 Mar 11 Sab Mar 12 Sun

 Rosh Hodesh Nisan

  Mar 27  

 Passover Seder
 1st Day of Unleavened Breads

 Apr 10 Mon
 Seder Service
Apr 11 Tues
 7th Day of Unleavened Breads  Apr 16 Sun
Apr 17 Mon
Service at end

 Rosh Hodesh Iyyar

 Apr 26  

 Rosh Hodesh Sivan

 May 26  

 Feast of Firstfruits /

 May 30 Tues
May 31 Wed
Service Afternoon

 Rosh Hodesh Tammuz

 Jun 24  

 Rosh Hodesh Av

 Jul 23  

 Rosh Hodesh Elul

 Aug 22  

 Day of Trumpeting / New Year
(Rosh Hodesh Tishrei)

Sept 20 Wed
Sept 22 Fri

 Day of the Atonements (fast)

Sept 29 Fri
Sept 30 Service
Breakfast at end

 Feast of Tabernacles - 1st Day
 (Dwell in sukkah 7 days)

Oct 4 Wed
Oct 5 Thurs

 Eighth Day Assembly

Oct 11 Wed
Oct 12 Thurs
Service at end

 Rosh Hodesh Heshvan

 Oct 20  

 Rosh Hodesh Kislev

 Nov 18  

 Hanukkah - 1st of 8 Days
  (not a Torah moed)  

Dec 12 Tues
First Candle Lighting

 Rosh Hodesh Tevet

 Dec 18  





2017  Beikvot HaMashiach
(Followers of the Messiah)